To the editor:

Ramesh Ponnuru pushes the convenient conservative line that there is no systemic racism in America.

How does he explain why:

1.)Polluting industries and hazardous infrastructure, such as oil refineries, natural gas pumping stations and bio-weapons laboratories, are preferentially placed in or near Black neighborhoods?

2) Eminent domain takings of land for infrastructure and commercial development are preferentially done to Black neighborhoods?

3) Majority Black schools get fewer resources than predominately white schools, even in the same city?

4) Black children who act out in school are expelled and/or arrested and charged with crimes, even in elementary school, while white kids get detention?

5) Police pull over Black drivers disproportionately more than they do white ones?

6) Police foot patrols in Black neighborhoods randomly stop Black men and demand they show identification, aka stop and frisk?

7) More unarmed Black men get shot by police than whites?

8) Black Lives Matter protesters get tear gassed while white people protesting masking rules are left alone?

9) Republican states are rushing to pass laws carefully crafted to make it harder for Blacks to vote, in addition to the voter suppression practices they have been engaging in for decades?

10) White men hunt down and kill Black men who just happen to be passing through their neighborhoods, and bomb and shoot up black churches?

11) White women call the police on black men who have the temerity to annoy them?

12) Shop keepers follow Black customers around their stores in case they try to steal something?

13) Banks charge black loan applicants higher interest rates or reject them even when they have the same financial profile as white ones?

14 Employers reject applicants with "black sounding" names and call apparent whites?

15) Supermarkets and banks don't open branches in black neighborhoods?

Note that all of the above phenomena are documented. I'm sure that this list is incomplete.

But distortions, denials and twisted logic such as Mr. Ponnuru's are what I would expect from the ultraconservative Heritage Foundation and National Review, the magazine he writes for.

Michael Bleiweiss


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