To the editor:

The recent letter from Ed Brooks listed myriad complaints against liberals and ascribed the virtual death of democracy to them.

I'd like to address a few of his points.

I can't say that the government is better at spending money than we are, but I can say that those individuals who are down on their luck, poor, seniors on fixed incomes would probably not be well served by private means. People shouldn't have to beg to survive.

I think our courts do a decent job affirming our right to free speech.

I wish we could solve unwanted pregnancies, but it's way beyond my scope, and we just have to trust people’s judgement.

I understand that conservatives hate that just anyone should receive health care, but it really is the Christian thing to do.

He probably missed the stacking of our courts with ill-prepared, right-wing fanatics, but it refutes his claim about liberal judges.

And, why is it appropriate for right-wing activism but not left?

I’d like to comment on guns: We had a ban on assault weapons, no guns were taken away, and it went no further. So how does that equate to banning guns? Assault weapons don't belong in the hands of untrained civilians.

As for President Donald Trump, the only freedom he advocates is his own, to ignore our laws and practices, to give aid and comfort to our enemies, to profit personally from his position, and to conduct himself in such a way as to be an embarrassment to thinking Americans.

Leonard Gallivan


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