To the editor:

My husband and I were happy to make Methuen our home, a place where I could open my own business, and a community where we tried our hardest to give back. I know we are a great city, and that we deserve the very best.

That's why I am asking my friends to vote for Neil Perry as our next mayor.

I've watched Neil spend years giving back to our community. As a member of the Sons of Italy, I volunteered alongside him to expand programming and engage our membership. For Neil, it's always been about how we can help each other - and that commitment is what I find so important.

It's no surprise that Neil applied that same philosophy in giving back in other parts of our community. He's done so as a member of the Historical Society, Historical Commission, and Festival of Trees.

Methuen is his home, and he treats it that way.

After what has felt like a particularly tough time in our city, I think Neil is exactly what we need. For our next mayor, I am excited to see someone with a history of giving back - and who has done so outside of politics.

That's why he has my vote.

Carmela Pagnoni