To the editor:

I’m disgusted with how the Methuen mayoral election has taken a dramatic shift toward dirty politics. Methuen’s political operations are in dire need of change, as evidenced by both local and national negative attention of its numerous follies.

Most shameful is how negatively Jennifer Kannan’s campaign has become — dramatically embellishing Neil Perry’s personal life, while calling it vetting, causing his children and ex-wife to defend his honor. How desperate Kannan must be.

Kannan’s operational style is yet another example of exactly why I would not want her as the next mayor of Methuen. Perry knew Kannan intended to portray him negatively late in the campaign, and as a wise communications move, he shared very personal information in advance. He displayed transparency.

The nasty manner in which she conveniently chose to report pieces of his life backfired and reflected poorly on her decision.

We need a strong, transparent, independent leader - someone with no family and/or friends tied to the city, or strings attached.

Perry is the fresh new start this city desperately needs.

People sent a very strong message by electing President Donald Trump. I feel it is our civic duty as residents of Methuen to take action at this time and send a strong message to Methuen’s political machine: We deserve better.

Perry is forward thinking and business minded. Voters who want change should vote for Neil Perry as our next mayor of Methuen.

Let’s get it right this time with no regrets.

Bonnie Brown


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