To the editor:

In business, I pride myself for my work ethic and energy. However, when it comes to Methuen’s city government, I feel downright exhausted.

I love Methuen and take great pride in the good people who make up our community. But it’s been difficult to have that same pride in our local politicians and City Hall.

The ceaseless bad news reports have been so discouraging. And the reality is that we’ve seen tremendous setbacks and a refusal from city leaders to accept responsibility.

That’s why I am voting for Neil Perry for mayor. He brings three decades of experience as a Raytheon executive, and a lifetime of love for the city where he was born and raised. He is a father of four, a community volunteer and, most importantly, he provides an outside perspective at a time when the same old, same old just isn’t working.

I like that he’s taking this campaign seriously. Rather than approaching us with empty slogans, he has taken the time to offer real vision and leadership on the things he would do once elected.

Government isn’t easy, and I suspect he will face a fair amount of challenges. But I believe he has the skills to help our community overcome those challenges.

I hope others join me in voting for Neil Perry on Nov. 5.

Janet McLennan


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