To the editor:

Looking ahead to the Methuen mayoral preliminary election on Sept. 17, I believe it is crucial that residents speak loudly and clearly that they are tired of politics as usual in Methuen.

I’ve never met Neil Perry, but after reading about him and watching several debates and forums, it is clear he is the leader that Methuen needs for these challenging times.

Neil has deep roots in Methuen, and his private sector experience, which included management and contract negotiating responsibilities, is exactly what we need in our next mayor.

Neil is a political outsider but not a Methuen outsider, and his eagerness to get to work fixing the damage done by dishonest politicians has been evident throughout his campaign so far.

He has made himself open and accessible to all voters, and I believe he will be a responsive and responsible mayor.

I’m excited to be voting for him on Sept. 17th.

Dan Grayton


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