To the editor:

This year the voters of Methuen will be electing a new mayor. While we have been friends with both candidates, the recent negative turn has compelled us to write this letter in support of Neil Perry.

We’ve known Perry for many years, and during that entire time he has demonstrated integrity, dedication and a genuine passion for the city.

He has strived to give back, and we couldn’t be happier than to see him bring that energy and outsider’s perspective to the role of mayor.

Methuen residents have spent the past several years watching a torrent of news that has undoubtedly left many frustrated. We’re frustrated because we love our city and know our potential. And we know Perry will help us reach that potential.

We hope Methuen residents will join us on Nov. 5 in voting for Neil Perry as mayor.

Jay and Deanna Milone Bonanno


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