To the editor:

I am a lifelong resident of Methuen who has always had great pride in my hometown.  However, over the course of the last few years, it is an understatement to say that I’m not happy with the direction things are moving.

It seems you can't hear about Methuen in the news without discussion of scandal, investigations, mismanagement and insider games. We need to change course.

I like that Neil Perry is a candidate for mayor who isn’t a career politician. He is a guy who has spent his career leading organizations, including at the senior level in Raytheon, while raising four children in Methuen and being involved in things that matter to our community.

His professional background shines in that he’s not offering simple campaign slogans but rather has provided a detailed plan for everything he hopes to accomplish. We need that type of thoughtfulness if we hope to move away from elections that are mere popularity contests among political insiders and the scandal and bad management that results from them, and toward better, more efficient and effective leadership.

Methuen needs to change course. Electing from the same batch of incumbents who simply move from one committee to another is part of what has got us to this point.

Now is the time to send a message that our residents deserve serious leadership out of City Hall. 

I hope voters take the time to read about Neil Perry at  I did and that’s why he’s earned my vote. 

Michael Solomon


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