To the editor:

When I think of Methuen politics over the past two years, I am reminded of the quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

No one seems to know to whom the quote should be attributed (no, it wasn’t Einstein) but the truth of the statement is one of the many reasons that I’ll be voting for Neil Perry as the next mayor on Nov. 5.

The political/budget situation in the city of Methuen has been truly insane, and we need a change.

Neil brings a new perspective and a new approach to managing city government. He is not held back by “the way it’s always been.”

Rather than political connections, Neil can tout an outstanding education and impressive business management experience as his qualifications for the position of our next mayor. Trained and experienced in the concept of operational excellence, he knows how to listen, to collect and analyze relevant data, and to manage process improvements that will benefit us all.

He’s not about slogans, he’s about results. And watching him lead community discussions and roll out actual plans makes me believe that he will listen to us, the taxpayers, and act on our behalf.

Neil’s approach and his plans are an inspiring, refreshing change from the “same old, same old.”

His leadership, vision and integrity will serve us well as mayor.

With Neil, I believe we can expect different results. I hope others join me in voting for him on Nov. 5.

Laura Walta


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