To the editor:

The members of the Methuen Police Department who are knowingly receiving outrageous salaries should voluntarily renegotiate a lower salary or return the money to the city.

To knowingly keep millions of dollars out of the city coffers, and in the hands of a select group of individuals, is ridiculous.

Amid the outcry over some recent behavioral issues within the Police Department, including the “All Lives Matter” rally they “accidentally” participated in, and in light of the embarrassment of Union Treasurer Mark Whitaker pocketing its money, there is an opportunity to regain elements of public trust.

But by continuing to collect salaries that are among the highest in the nation in a city of roughly 50,000 people is an absolute joke, and the people who continue to collect these salaries are an embarrassment to the public good that police can do.

If you are a member of the force collecting these ludicrous sums, you should be able to recognize that the money could be spent in community development, schools, on the roads and in a dozen other manners besides lining your pockets and offering you wealth that does not belong in the hands of public servants.

This has gone on too long.

This is a disgrace and an embarrassment on the city, and if Chief Joseph Solomon cannot lead by example and show that he understands the level of gross misconduct that collecting these outrageous salaries is, he should be replaced by somebody humble enough to recognize when they are.

Dave Michienzi


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