To the editor:

The protests of racial injustice and police brutality across the United States brought up an issue that is alarming for the American public. That is defunding the police, which is a terrible idea.

Erroll Southers is an opinion contributor to USA Today and a Black ex-cop. In one of his pieces titled, “I understand the anger but don't defund police. It could make things worse,” he states: "If you strip police funds, the first cuts will be community interaction programs that require humanity and commitment, not guns, tanks or pepper spray."

Southers goes on to say that police can have a strong positive impact, such as in programs to help young people be engaged in sports, as well as helping the community.

If there are budget cuts, programs such as those that bring together officers and the community will not exist.

Charles Love, of the City Journal, also opposes defunding the police.

He writes that a poll shows two-thirds of people in the U.S oppose the movement, but same poll says that 57% of Blacks support it.

Love, who is Black, says “this a dubious statistic: my black friends, relatives and neighbors are neither conservatives nor strong supporters of law enforcement, but none supports defunding the police.”

As angry as people are about the systemic problems in American law enforcement, we must be careful to preserve what is good in the profession while rooting out all that is bad.

Do not defund the police.

Marcus Bennett

Salem, N.H.

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