To the editor:

I have encountered Alzheimer’s in many different ways — caring for my grandmother, being the lead licensed nursing assistant in a dementia unit for five years, and losing my mother-in-law in January.

Out of the 327 million people living in the country, 5.8 million are suffering with Alzheimer’s. In New Hampshire alone, 25,000 Granite Staters are living with this disease.

I am an advocate with the Alzheimer’s Association because it is a chance to give a voice to those who need it most.

I hope that more and more family and friends who have seen firsthand the devastation of Alzheimer’s will speak up and share their own stories.

Even more than that, I hope that people will talk to the presidential candidates who hope to earn their vote and ask them: “What will you do to fight Alzheimer’s if elected?”

It’s a question we all need to know the answer to.

Denika Jones

Salem, N.H.