To the editor:

After seeing the Methuen City Council meeting streamed online the other night, I was appalled that the police chief, captains, lieutenants and sergeants had the audacity to try and push through the council a wage request that is absurd, at best.

Let's see the Methuen police ranks go through a stringent military physical training class, and let those who pass with flying colors get merit increases accordingly.

Granted, they all completed a police academy already, but that was ages ago. Many but not all cops in Methuen, like those in other towns, are grossly overweight.

Let's see them put down their cell phones and walk a beat for eight hours every day rather than drive a cruiser all day or night.

Lastly, the attorney representing the city and mayor were a joke.

Kudos to the City Council for voting to wait a week to make better educated decisions on the superior officers contract.

As an educated, retired, out-of-state county mounty who now lives in Methuen, I would vote no.

Bob Scimone


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