To the editor:

I am a survivor of domestic violence. Back in the ’70s, when I was a young mother, I was victimized by my husband, who was prominent in the Merrimack Valley. He felt free to abuse me because he thought no one would believe me against him. He used the classic tactics of an abuser. He told me I was crazy. He moved our family away from my support network.

When I filed for divorce, he continued to harass me and had me followed. I changed my locks multiple times. He withheld child support payments as punishment.

Women today have so many more protections than I had back then.

It is sad to hear Neil Perry’s supporters brush these protections off as if they are easily and falsely obtained. By pretending that this is not a serious matter, they are casting suspicion on Perry’s ex-wife as well as all the women who have turned to the courts for protection from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Don’t let him get away with his false narrative. Most restraining orders are not filed to be manipulative or vindictive, and those that are are usually denied by judges. For the most part the system works and justice is done.

I wish that I had the support of the court system when my children and I went through this. It was a tough fight, but I persevered and I survived.

Loretta Platt


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