To the editor:

The Sound Off contributor of “History lesson” said that the 1921 Tulsa riot was "horrific,” but wondered why it should be commemorated, and asked that we stop the "brain washing.”

The brain washing occurred in the aftermath of the riot and for the 100 years since, when this history was suppressed and forgotten.

This and similar "forgetting" of history allows many white Americans to blame African-Americans for their lower average economic status today, after 50 years of legal equality.

But 100 years is not that long ago. Thousands of living African-Americans have parents and grandparents who were murdered, assaulted and/or had their hard-earned property destroyed or stolen, not to mention their dignity and humanity.

And, yes, some of the descendants would like to see their ancestors' remains removed from unmarked, mass graves and given a proper burial.

Wouldn't you?

Jim Beauchesne


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