To the editor:

Imagining the future requires a full dose of bravery as we confront the dangers posed by the accelerating climate crisis. An equal amount of courage is necessary to boldly envision a clean energy future powered by offshore wind.

Imagine Massachusetts as a net exporter of energy, instead of sending $22 billion out of state for fossil fuel energy expenditures.

Imagine the jobs available in manufacturing, testing, installing and maintaining these technologically magnificent turbines.

Imagine Massachusetts leading the nation in policy and programs creating clean energy market advantage.

Imagine reducing CO2 emissions so that our grandchildren will have a livable planet.

Many thanks to your recent editorial for recognizing our May 29 forum, where local experts talked about both dire consequences and fantastic opportunity. Your editorial calls for a focused priority on a clean energy future and displays the kind of leadership that is regularly absent in politics.

In the environmental movement there is an old saying that, “When the people lead the leaders follow.” With the help of local media, grassroots efforts can initiate and encourage a just transition to a clean energy future.

With Massachusetts leading the way the United States can signal to the world that we are all dead-set on a clean energy transition as soon as possible. This is the only way to avoid a calamitous collapse of the ecosystem humans depend on.

Beyond a reasonable doubt, the burning of fossil fuels is accelerating global warming and is causing, among other things, more powerful storms, drought and forest fire conditions. Historically a thriving environment for human life has no more than 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. Unless we plant billions of trees immediately it is unlikely we will reduce the current 405ppm.

Therefore, it is imperative that we phase out our dependence on oil, fracked gas and coal.

Expert panelists Bruce Egan and Mike Morris described the ever worsening effects of climate change locally and globally. Amber Hewett of the National Wildlife Federation clarified the vast potential for New England offshore wind power.

There are many profound and innovative pathways we must follow to avoid further destruction of the natural world. These changes can occur at a local level.

Adopting a common sense carbon pricing market system and supporting the development of clean energy infrastructure are some of the most promising initiatives supported by local groups such as Citizens Climate Lobby, North Shore 350 and Salem Alliance for the Environment.

The climate is changing faster than we are, so it is time for those who care to engage in this existential challenge.

Imagine yourself helping to create a better future, a clean energy future.

Fred Hopps

North Shore Environmental Coalition