To the editor:

Democrats in the Legislature are fully embracing extreme risk protective orders, otherwise known as a “red flag” law, in New Hampshire. Such a law is dangerous, unconstitutional and should be vetoed by Gov. Chris Sununu.

Politicians love to spout rhetoric about solving problems. Unfortunately they all too often rush to support laws that feel good but accomplish little.

That is the crux of “red flag” laws.

“Red flag” laws allow citizens or police to request a court order to confiscate the firearms of people legally permitted to own them if they believe that person is a threat. The stated goal is to prevent mass shootings.

While a worthy goal, the bill lacks due process protections. Targets of the gun confiscation order are often unaware that an order has been issued or even requested. Defendants are unable to appear at a hearing or cross-examine witnesses.

This leads to a potentially dangerous situation where police arrive unannounced at someone’s home demanding they turn over their guns.

Further, the individual having their guns taken doesn’t need to be diagnosed with a mental health problem or charged with a crime. All that is required is an allegation that someone is a threat.

Is this really a path we want to go down?

In the wake of mass shootings, everyone wants to do something. But that something must help and not trample the Constitution.

Sununu should veto laws like “red flag” and other gun control bills that feel good but do not solve the problem.

Dane Hoover

Salem, N.H.

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