To the editor:

The coronavirus has taken its toll on our long-term care facilities, sickening residents and staff, and challenging the strategies we planned and hoped would sustain our healthcare systems.

New Hampshire Sent. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan have led efforts in Congress to help these facilities, their staffs and the seniors in their care.

In contrast, Republicans Corky Messner and Ray Bolduc, vying for the GOP nomination to run against Shaheen, are attacking the programs that support our seniors. They want to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, put in place as safety nets, and in the case of Medicare and Social Security, paid for by working men and women over a lifetime of employment.

These are our loved ones, family members, friends and neighbors who deserve more support during this pandemic, not the dramatic cuts in services that Messner and Bolduc propose.

These Senate candidates agree with the president and GOP legislators who paint these life-saving programs as the cause of inflated budgets and have proposed devastating cuts or utter elimination.

They do so without any regard for the hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters who will suffer without them.

Following a president and a party that has failed to care for and protect its most vulnerable citizens is not leadership and not what New Hampshire needs.

We need to keep the proven leadership we already have. I urge your readers to vote for Shaheen on Nov. 3.

Carla Billingham

Salem, N.H.

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