To the editor:

I strongly support Rep. Lori Trahan’s call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. She has done this after careful consideration. Many of the reasons should be obvious to anyone with an open mind or who has read the Mueller Report.

Special counsel Robert Mueller showed that Trump clearly obstructed justice. He tried to convince former FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation of Michael Flynn and fired him when he would not. He also pressured former White House counsel Don McGhan to fire Mueller, and when that conversation was leaked to the press, he pressured McGhan to falsify his report of their meeting.

He imitated witnesses and dangled pardons. All this is obstruction of justice.

Trump has also flagrantly violated the emolument clause of the Constitution by benefiting financially from his own official actions.

The Chinese government has approved Trump trademarks they previously denied once he took office. When foreign officials stay in a Trump hotel, this is a violation. And he uses taxpayers’ money when he golfs on Trump property.

All of this is evidence of a gross violation of the emolument clause.

It is the House of Representatives' responsibility to impeach presidents for high crimes and misdemeanors, which is not further described by the Constitution. If they impeach, two-thirds of the Senate is needed to convict.

This is a high standard indeed. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton both were impeached but not convicted.

Democrats must do their Constitutional duty despite any consequences. Trahan is right in supporting impeachment of Trump and should be commended for it.

William Lang


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