To the editor:

We finally heard the long-awaited report from former special counsel Robert Mueller. Its disclosures are what many of us have known all along: Russians interfered in the 2016 election, in league with the Trump campaign.

The Republicans are the only ones, with the help of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who still defend President Trump. They have no opinion of their own and follow one another like sheep, at the expense of all freedom-loving people.

It was easy to see how upset and obnoxious the Republicans were during the Mueller hearing, judging by their false statements and long arguments with no substance while interrogating Mueller. They place Trump above respect for the the Constitution and the laws of our country.

Trump continues to lie even after all the findings against him were made public. He could easily be blackmailed by the Russians since they know they helped him become president, which he denies. I will not vote for any Democrat unless they support his impeachment. 

He has no shame. He distorts everything we know and have heard. Somehow he thinks the American people are stupid and will reelect him. I have my doubts.

I hope impeachment proceedings begin soon, since I believe we Americans have had enough of him and the way he is running our country.

Jo Distefano