To the editor:

On Sept. 1, in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, I am voting for Kevin O’Connor, and I hope your readers will too.

While the mainstream media is hyper-focused on the Democratic primary contest, many left-wing media pundits and Democratic Party officials want nothing more for Massachusetts Republicans than to be ignored and for Kevin O’Connor to fail to win the GOP primary. I will explain why.

O'Connor is impressive. As a first-time candidate for public office, he was put to the test early on and quickly demonstrated he is a fighter.

The Massachusetts Democratic machine tried to deny him ballot access in the Republican primary. During the peak of the virus outbreak, he was required to collect 10,000 certified signatures in order to appear on the Republican primary ballot for U.S. Senate. The Legislature was debating an elections bill, but they refused to help candidates like O'Connor by lowering the needed signature requirement and making it safer and easier to collect signatures while social distancing in a timely manner.

O'Connors own father was diagnosed with COVID-19, believed to have been caught early on when collecting signatures. Most first-time candidates would call it quits right there, but he refused.

O'Connor is a fighter and the last thing the Massachusetts Democratic machine and left-wing media personalities want is a competitive U.S. Senate race with a scrappy Republican who will hold them accountable to the outlandish promises and statements made during their own primary battle.

O'Connor brought his case to the state’s highest court, the Supreme Judicial Court, and won. It was a public black-eye for the Democratic machine. They lost to a first-time GOP candidate.

They want to settle the score, and they sense an opportunity with O'Connor's primary.

It’s up to Republican and conservative independent voters to make O'Connor the GOP nominee on Sept. 1. His Republican Primary challenger is no stranger to political stunts. His name is Shiva Ayyadurai.

Ayyadurai ran as an independent against Sen. Elizabeth Warren to hurt GOP Senate candidate Geoff Diehl. Diehl is a true conservative Republican fighter that Ayyadurai hurt, and now he's trying to hurt O'Connor's chances.

The Democratic machine and left-wing media personalities are rooting for this to happen. Republicans can't let it happen. They should vote for O'Connor, post their support on social media, and tell their likeminded friends and family to vote in the GOP primary.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about O'Connor. He's been crisscrossing the state, attending rallies and “backing the blue.” If you are a GOP state legislative candidate, you've probably met him during the campaign. If you are a conservative Republican in the Massachusetts Legislature, you’ve probably endorsed him.

In fact, I first met him at an event and ever since then have watched him quickly grow as a first-time candidate.

The Democratic machine and left-wing media personalities are hoping to trick Massachusetts Republicans into letting O'Connor lose this primary. They shouldn't be fooled and should stick up for their GOP fighter in this primary. They should join me in voting for Kevin O’Connor for U.S. Senate.

Paul Diego Craney

North Andover

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