To the editor:

The mayor and City Council have overstepped their bounds by requiring the taxpayers of Haverhill to schedule leaf and brush drop-off at the city yard by appointment only.

The yard has a gatekeeper who can easily control the number of vehicles entering the yard for recycling or leaf and brush dumping. Prior to the current crisis, vehicles would be lined up back onto Primrose Street for access to the yard.

Never in any of my visits was I closer than six feet to the nearest vehicle or person dumping leaves or brush. Maybe the townsfolk using the recycling center were in that situation.

This is such an easy situation to control, and yet I find that city government has gone way beyond its limits in subjugating the average citizen to their new feeling of power over the citizenry of Haverhill.

Mayor Fiorentini must love the new fiefdom he has created over the townsfolk. Long live the king.

Zib Drelich


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