To the editor:

To me, time is precious. I will be 88 in a few days. In all these years, I have experienced much in the way of good and bad — the Great Depression in the ‘20s and ‘30s, the second world war followed by the Korean War, in which I was honored to serve for four years in the early ‘50s.

We have come a long way — and not for the better.

We have replaced patriotism with the burning of our flag, love with hatred, common sense being not-so-common, peace with violence, respect for life with abortion (over 50 million since it was legalized in the U.S., I am told), morality with immorality.

For example, just recently in Lynn, city councilors unanimously voted to provide all forms of birth control to the public school children in that city. I have not heard of any opposition from any source.

Common sense is not-so-common. which brings us to one of the major causes for our dilemma: The family unit, with two loving, faith-filled parents and children with discipline and security, is a dwindling lifestyle.

What a sick world we live in today.

There is a solution: Reduce depression and suicide by returning to your faith, and ask God for his intervention.

Become active by joining groups such as the Convention of States, to force change in Washington, D.C., via an Article V convention, per our Constitution. Check it out.

We, the silent majority, must no longer be silent and speak up and be heard to return our country to the people, by the people and for the people, so help us, God.

John L. Cartier


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