To the editor:

I’m addressing state Rep. Tram Nguyen’s editorial regarding the abortion bill she is co-sponsoring.

I invite anyone to compare the existing Massachusetts abortion law against her proposed House Bill 3320, the “ROE Act,” and see what protections her proposed bill removes for post-viability abortions. You will understand how Nguyen misleads.

Her proposed bill broadens the right to kill an unborn child, right up to the moment of birth itself, and it allows babies born alive to be left to die. In addition, if passed, the ROE Act will:

> Let vulnerable underage girls as young as 12 get abortions without parental consent or even a judicial bypass;

> Legalize all abortions up to birth for any reason (physical, emotional, psychological, familial, age and “well-being”);

> Eliminate the law requiring that abortions after 24 weeks be done in a hospital; this puts women at serious risk; and

> Eliminate the law requiring physicians to provide life-saving medical aid to infants “accidentally” born alive during a late-term abortion.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, at 25 weeks an unborn child provided with medical treatment has a 72% survival rate!

I’ve visited Nguyen’s office and called numerous times; she is never available. I’ve asked that she call me back to discuss the ROE Act, and she has never called.

This bill greatly harms, rather than protects, women and girls.

Theresa Gorey