To the editor:

Here in Salem, N.H., what do we call five days per week of in person learning? We call it school.

Most people are unaware that the children of Salem have been in school full-time since the beginning of September.

The parents of Salem owe a huge thanks you to our superintendent, Mike Delahanty, for having the courage and conviction to make this decision that has clearly been the correct call.

With the help of the principals, administration, teachers, students and parents doing their part to follow precautions and protocols, the town ensured that in-school learning continued, while most other schools sat on the sidelines.

Now that Gov. Chris Sununu has tasked the rest of the schools with fully opening for in-person learning by April 19, it is difficult to fathom that some local districts are complaining about the difficult task ahead.

Hopefully those districts still have a thing on the wall with little pushbutton numbers. They can pick it up and call the Salem superintendent's office. "Hey, Mike, how have you been doing this for the past 8 months?"

Salem appears to using the lesson I learned a long ago: Come up with reasons why you can, rather than excuses for why you can't.

Austin Kolbert

Salem, N.H.

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