To the editor:

With five candidates for six Methuen School Committee seats, I hope voters will consider an outstanding write-in candidate — Louann Santos.

I met Santos as she advocated for fair funding for students, committing huge amounts of time and effort. She showed she’s a leader, able to take a stand for residents.

She and I recently worked on a fundraiser for stroke awareness. With a short timeline that may have discouraged others, she ensured the event was spectacular. I saw her ability to get things done; her determination, perseverance and “can do” attitude are exactly what Methuen families need.

We also need leaders with great core values, and that is Santos. She started Positively Methuen, a group to grow our sense of community, reinforce a positive attitude and remind us to act with kindness.

Santos is smart, thoughtful, respectful, reasonable, a great listener and deeply cares about this community. In my experience, she is honest and keeps her word; she has acted with kindness and care for others before herself; and she has demonstrated leadership and integrity that I am honored to now support.

As a write-in candidate, she needs your support. Santos, along with candidate for re-election Jana Zanni Pesce (who has done an outstanding job representing Methuen families) and newcomer Jessica MacLeod (a Lawrence school principal with impressive credentials) offer the parent perspective for a balanced School Committee.

I am asking residents to please vote for Pesce and MacLeod, and write-in “Louann Santos, 4 Washington St.,” on Nov 5.

Jana DiNatale


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