To the editor:

I was recently sitting on the outside patio of Starbucks at the Loop in Methuen where I was working on next year’s taxes (you’re right, I probably don’t have much of a life) and reading the newspaper (mostly reading the newspaper).

It turned out that at the very next table was state Sen. Diana DiZoglio. She was there with one of her associates, and they were conducting individual meetings with an eclectic group of constituents — everyone including, it appeared, small businessmen and women, healthcare professionals, educators and just private citizens.

I really could not hear much of what was being said (I tried), but it was clear that our state senator and her associate were very attentive, professional and respectful to all they met. It was abundantly clear by everyone’s body language that Ms. DiZoglio was responding to each individual in a most caring and understanding manner.

Most importantly she accomplished this, always, with a good-natured smile and a compassionate look on her face.

I was most impressed. As I got back to my taxes, I realized that if we voters (including me) made more of a concerted effort to always elect the most capable and dedicated candidates, life would be better for all.

John Daveta


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