To the editor:

Almost like clockwork, every 24 hours it seems, another anonymous screed of pure, unadulterated Trumpian gobbledygook gets published in Sound Off, the most recent one being titled, “Thug tourists.”

This submission echoes the fabricated lies from various faux news sources who promote the big lie that demonstrators are “pulling down fat government checks to fund their trips to New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston.”

In fact, police investigators across the country are reporting that it is extremist right wing and white supremacist provocateurs who have come in to those cities from red states who are inciting and initiating the rioting that took place in certain cities.

The aim of these white supremacist provocateurs is to get the blame placed on the peaceful demonstrators out to protest the systemic racism that still, shamefully, exists across our country.

Oh well, hiding under the skirts of anonymity — just as President Donald Trump cowardly hid under the skirts of his father to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War while over 58,000 men and women of my generation died in combat serving their country — shows how much courage those submitters to Sound Off really have.

Bob Pokress


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