To the editor:

I have lived in Haverhill all of my life. I went to Haverhill public schools, I got my first job was downtown, and I’ve spent hours over the summers volunteering at the library and the Buttonwoods Museum.

My parents have lived here all of their lives too, and they are deeply involved in the community. It’s extremely important to all of us that we’re well represented on the City Council.

I first met Joe Sherlock through a history teacher my junior year, and together we worked closely on local issues that we thought could make our city better. I learned a lot from Joe, including how we could apply our passion for better government right here at the local level.

Joe is the epitome of passion. He eats, sleeps and breathes community; never have I met someone quite like him - a man who, when presented with what is wrong, immediately starts looking for solutions.

Haverhill needs more of that — someone who brings a passion for service and a drive to find solutions.

That’s why I’m supporting Joe for Haverhill City Council.

Allison Cantelli