To the editor:

My name is Daniel Shibilia, and I am running for mayor in Methuen. I am running because I feel, as taxpayers, we deserve better. Those at City Hall need to remember who they represent.

As a first0time candidate with no ties to any political powerhouses, I am running a low budget, grassroots campaign. While this limits my exposure, I have been told it is also one of my biggest selling points — zero conflicts and zero allegiances.

As mayor, I will serve the people. I will make the hard decisions when it comes to funding and priorities that have been avoided to preserve relationships. I will work on improving processes to minimize waste and eliminate bad contracts so we can use our money to better Methuen. The goal is to keep taxes low by managing our money better.

I will work to put Methuen on the map.

With the Tuscan Village and Riverwalk coming soon, Methuen needs a plan for economic growth, or we will be forced to repeat the loss of the Methuen Mall with the Loop. We need to focus on tax revenue that doesn't rest solely on homeowners’ backs.

We need real accountability. I will not shy away from holding everyone accountable. It's time we act in the best interests of Methuen.

I hope to have the support of voters on Sept. 17, as we work to create necessary change.

Daniel Shibilia


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