To the editor:

I’ve been a resident of Methuen for almost 20 years. I moved to Methuen young and single. My eyes weren’t open to the various needs of Methuen. I started noticing things as I became more acclimated to the city, especially after getting married and having children, who I hope to continue to raise here.

We need a mayor who can not only lead, but more importantly connect with residents. We need someone who will take the time to listen and genuinely care about what is being said, someone who will not only listen but follow through.

Dan Shibilia is a family man who, even before considering running for mayor, made a commitment to attend my children’s fundraisers, which resulted in a $7,074 donation to Tedy’s Team — a charity started by Tedy and Heidi Bruschi that raises stroke awareness.

Dan made a promise to a 9-year-old boy and 6-year-old twins to come support their cause, and he followed through.

Dan has the knowledge, education and focus to make the adjustments needed in Methuen. Most importantly, he has heart and will listen with a genuine ear. All are important qualities that a great mayor should have.

Methuen would be lucky to have Dan as mayor. I hope voters join me in casting a vote for Dan in the Sept. 17 preliminary election.

LouAnn Santos


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