To the editor:

We need Dan Shibilia as mayor in Methuen.

If we continue to let the same people who have destroyed our city have control of the mayor’s office, we are just asking to move into a more dangerous situation. I can’t help but urge the voters of Methuen to get out there and cast a vote for change.

Let's make a difference and take a chance on someone new.

We have long talked about removing those career, corrupt, self-serving politicians who clearly are making backroom deals as well as promises they have no intention of keeping.

Shibilia is not a politician, but he has seen the challenges we have been voicing our concerns about, lending an ear so that he can help make a difference in the community where he and his wife chose to raise their family.

He plans to put the community first and work for us, not against us.

He is running as an independent because he understands that party lines do nothing more than divide us. He wants to unite us, fight for all of us and stand up for the issues that matter most to us — the constituents.

He has a grasp on government spending and contracts, and he would bring his knowledge to the table to help resolve some of the financial issues we are currently facing. He is going to be present, participate and be transparent, which is more than I can say about our current mayor.

Let’s learn from our mistakes and take a chance. We need change, we need change.

Jennifer Morasse