To the editor:

As we close in on the town election, I can't help but feel grateful to live in a place and time such as this.

Through the turbulence and change of the last year, we have seen heroes and warriors crop up at every turn. As we try to move on and grow together, so many new names have entered into the political arena - whether to fight for their chance at a seat or to make calls, deliver signs or stand in support.

It feels "back to normal" to see the community out, in action and working hard at rebuilding in this vital way.

However you fill out your ballot, I hope you fill it with heart and inspiration, because it takes a special person to rise up in the midst of chaos and say, "I would like to be a part of the solution."

Cheers to all of the candidates and their families (real and as part of their campaigns).

I'm looking forward to using all of my votes and especially excited to see that Janice Phillips -- a woman whose kindness, energy, empathy and unparalleled ability to truly listen - has chosen to share her myriad skills with the world.

Some people are just too valuable to stay behind the scenes.

Jenna Sideri

North Andover

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