To the editor:

As an Independent, I do not hesitate to support Kevin St. James for county commissioner.

For 20 years I’ve known St. James in both a work environment and as a friend. I have seen him work tirelessly to help people. He is humble and committed to work hard for everyone, often taking care of others before himself.

He expands his knowledge base by attending seminars and training, and he has participated in a public service presentation on opioid addiction.

Thinking a little more creatively with his fellow commissioners, St. James has helped to reduce the county tax rate and expand services to the residents of Rockingham County.

While many politicians promise things, he works to deliver. He will spend hours researching an issue to help solve a problem for an individual.

When asked why he goes to those extremes, he says it is a “labor of love."

After seeing St. James in action, it is apparent he truly cares about what he does. Have you seen him canvassing door to door or out waving as you drive by?

He doesn’t take this position for granted. He is out there to earn your vote.

He is not afraid of the difficult votes, and is not always the most popular, but I believe he does what is right for his constituents.

I hope your readers will join me and vote for Kevin St. James for Rockingham County commissioner on Nov. 3. He is the right person to represent us.

Karyn Maxwell


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