To the editor:

The incursion of one of America’s most revered and sacred symbols, the U.S. Capitol, was horrific, shameful, irreverent and damning to our country and our standing in the eyes of the world, yet it was so predictable.

While I have often heard the phrase "constitutional crisis" used as a political catchphrase, I believe we are at point in our history where our democracy is in crisis.

The integrity of our democratic foundation, our electoral system, is questionable. Given that each state has independent election rules, which we have seen changed at the last second with no time for validation, and in some cases done illegally, how are we to trust the "reported" outcome?

If ever there was a time for a unilateral standard process, it would be for a presidential election. Fifty states with independent electoral rules to elect a president of the United States defies logic, creates unique security challenges, and results in the fiasco and doubts created in this past election.

We, the people, are on a slippery slope, and we must grasp the seriousness of our liberties being in jeopardy. We need leadership that will recognize the disparity in our electoral process; encourage and support open, positive dialogue to address the issues; then dare to take positive, reformative actions, which is anti-cultural in Washington, D.C.

I pray for the sake of my grandchildren that the foundations of our country will survive the test of time, and I encourage all to strive to respect the wisdom of our forefathers in these unprecedented times.

Edward Oelerich


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