To the editor:

Whether it’s the devastating wildfires in the west, the disastrous hurricanes in the Gulf, or the dangerous fluctuations in temperature that we saw in Texas a few months ago, it is abundantly clear that the climate crisis we’ve been discussing for so long is now officially upon us.

Well over 70% of our country’s overall emissions come from only three sectors: electricity, heating and transportation. By bringing these three areas of our economy and society into the 21st century, we can make a huge impact in preventing devastation.

While achieving 100% clean energy is not only necessary, but possible, our national government is not stepping up to meet this moment in our history.

However, our state government can.

The Massachusetts Legislature is currently considering the 100% Clean Act, which would transition our state to 100% clean electricity by 2035 and 100% clean heating and transportation by 2045. This would be the strongest clean energy bill in the entire country, and it would finally make Massachusetts a progressive leader for the rest of the nation again.

I strongly urge readers to support this bill and make sure their legislators do as well, in order to ensure our planet is safe and healthy for ourselves and our children for years to come.

Matthew Allen


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