To the editor:

For years I've seen social postings and editorials from state representatives in southern New Hampshire and throughout all districts from Cape Ann to the Merrimack Valley wherein national issues are defended or attacked.

Some representatives use their platforms to further their party’s goals. Some promote national social issues. It is quite rare to find a state representative or candidate for office who is actually laser beam focused on local issues.

The state representative position is just one step away from a local board of selectmen or city council. They are not elected to further national policy initiatives.

State representatives should be focused on issues such as how to minimize property taxes, how to increase services, how to bring state money and resources to my district, city or town, and how to care for the most vulnerable and marginalized members of the community.

Those representatives and candidates who wish to address regional or national social and political issues should consider running for congressional seats. Or do it on their own time as private citizens.

It is very disappointing to see such individuals use their seats as platforms to project their political and social justice passions. They are squandering their elected responsibilities, and most of them are no longer advocates for the local issues that they are actually charged to address.

After reading posts, in the form of “official" messages or campaign promises, most individuals who are state representatives, or aspire to be, have eliminated an entire category of representation. There are a few exceptions, and I applaud them.

State representatives should come back home and care for the people who elected them.

Joe D'Amore


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