To the editor:

As have many Americans, I’ve wondered about the identity of Tom Steyer. He has appeared in a withering number of TV spots as a self-proclaimed candidate for the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential contest.

Certainly if his candidacy appears to have captured enough potential voters, he will be formally endorsed by the party at some point.

The first thing I questioned about him concerned his ability to finance all of the ads that continue to appear. It turns out that he’s a very wealthy person.

A further question for me is the character of his ads. He has referred to the sitting president as “the criminal in the White House” and has recently accused said "criminal" of committing "impeachable crimes."

As a person to whom words matter, I believe that Steyer should identify the substance of his accusations.

Specifically, how is the sitting president a "criminal,” and what crimes has the sitting president committed?

If Steyer is unable or unwilling to identify the sitting president's suggested criminality, he should shut his mouth and go away.

Barry McCloskey


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