To the editor:

Thank you for the report by Christian M. Wade on local communities considering banning new natural gas hookups (“Communities weigh closing off gas hookups,” Jan. 13).

The idea is rapidly gaining currency throughout the eastern part of the state.

The pushback is coming from exactly those organizations you would expect — real estate developers, the New England Petroleum Council and the Northeast Gas Association. These groups are obviously guarding their own vested interests in fossil fuels. They are not acting for the benefit of Massachusetts residents.

A long-term vision of a clean energy economy requires structural change. Electric heat pump technology has advanced to the point where, in combination with state-of-the-art building materials and insulation, it can be used year-round in New England.

And the region’s electric grid is moving steadily toward renewable energy, as mandated by state law.

There will be a need to make exceptions in some cases, but banning gas as the default heat source for new construction is the right thing to do in order to prepare communities for a fossil-free future.

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Frederick Hewett


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