To the editor:

Gail Sullivan has my vote for for Haverhill School Committee. She’s experienced and caring, and she works hard to level the playing field for Haverhill's students.

Specifically, Sullivan, in her tenure on the School Committee, helped achieve:

-- Haverhill’s first free all-day kindergarten;

-- Free breakfast and lunch programs paid for by state and federal funds;

-- Elimination of sports fees for the first time in more than a decade; and

-- Marked improvement in MCAS scores.

Sullivan has a career’s worth of experience in teaching and administration, working at all levels of education. She taught at both Whittier Vocational Technical School and Northern Essex Community College, and she served as a high school principal, curriculum director, assistant superintendent and interim superintendent.

She has the experience, knowledge and passion to advocate for Haverhill’s students.

I hope voters will join me in reelecting Gail Sullivan to the Haverhill School Committee, on Nov. 5.

Chere Bemelmans


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