To the editor:

On Nov. 5th Haverhill voters will go to the polls to elect three members of our School Committee. My first vote will be to re-elect Gail Sullivan to a second term.

Why? Because Sullivan is a career educator whose first priority is to create equal educational opportunity for all of Haverhill’s children.

Her experience began with 14 years of teaching at Whittier Vocational Technical High School. Her career path led to being a principal, curriculum advisor and superintendent in other districts — before her time as an adjunct professor at Northern Essex Community College.

Sullivan has used this wealth of experience in her four years on the School Committee to advance her goal of equal educational opportunity for all.

Her efforts have helped make the following possible: Haverhill now has free, full-day kindergarten; all students have access to free breakfast and lunch at school; all sports participation fees have been eliminated; class sizes are being equalized across the district; and MCAS scores are on the rise.

Sullivan is also a co-founder of Haverhill Promise, a reading program whose goal is to get all children reading at grade level by third grade.

This is a crucial metric in predicting future academic success.

The bottom line is that Sullivan’s efforts are all about the kids. It’s why she is running for re-election. I hope residents agree with me and cast one of their School Committee votes for Gail Sullivan.

Stephen Gordon


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