To the editor:

The level of purely aggressive partisanship that I saw in the Statehouse this spring that continues to spill over into summer is disturbing.

Throughout the state budget process, the Democrats continually attacked Gov. Chris Sununu and Republicans, even after the governor had conceded on a large number of items within the budget. Instead of being gracious for the concessions made by the governor, Democrats instead attacked the governor and Republicans in an effort to vilify the governor and Republicans in the public eye because Democrats didn’t get everything they wanted.

As a member of the New Hampshire Legislature, it is inexcusable to see one side focus so much energy on vehemently attacking the other when that energy should be focusing on passing a state budget.

While Democrats did make concessions, there is no doubt that all of their concessions combined are not equivalent to the concessions that the governor had made.

I am thankful that the governor hasn’t cracked under the political pressure created by the smear campaign the Democrats ran throughout the state budget process. The governor has shown a tremendous amount of integrity throughout the state budget process by taking the high road instead of reacting to the smear campaign.

Gov. Sununu has remained true to his word and stood up for the people of New Hampshire without undermining his commitment to preserving the New Hampshire advantage.

State Rep. Daryl Abbas

Rockingham County District 8

Salem, N.H.