To the editor:

New Hampshire residents have seen media in which educators slam Gov. Chris Sununu for his veto of the budget because of his supposed refusal to fund New Hampshire schools.

Unfortunately, many are wasting their breath and time to display their frustrations about an issue that everyone is passionate about, including Sununu. What people need to understand is that the governor’s veto was not about education funding at all, it was about the proposed tax increase and the structural deficit the Legislature’s budget would have created.

In fact, the governor supported a host of ways to fund our schools in his proposed budget. He has even publicly said that he supports more education funding, as long as it is sustainable.

Gov. Sununu was perfectly happy to restore stabilization grants and compromise with the Legislature in other ways. The governor wanted to help fund infrastructure in schools with $63.7 million in building aid, specifically to property-poor towns.

We have also heard that the biggest issue facing our state is retaining workforce; Sununu wanted to help our university system by implementing a $24 million investment for workforce training and an additional $32 million annually for student debt relief.

All of these proposals were scrapped by the Legislature in its budget. Education funding is simply not why this budget was vetoed.

We must be responsible in how we fund our schools and not overspend. Otherwise residents will have to pay more than they do now to make up the difference.

David Samra


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