To the editor:

Anti-gun activists and Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to hurl baseless attacks at Gov. Chris Sununu following his veto of three gun control bills, including the claim that he “callously dismissed” residents’ concerns.

For those who haven't read Gov. Sununu’s veto message, he spelled out the problem with the bills: “These three bills would not solve our national issues nor would they prevent evil individuals from doing harm.”

These bills would not have made us any safer.

Think about it: Someone who is determined to wreak havoc on a school using a gun is not going to care whether the school is a “gun-free zone.” Someone who is disqualified from owning a gun is going to avoid any method of obtaining one that would require a background check.

Vetoing bad bills is the governor’s job. And sometimes bad bills are well intentioned but poorly crafted.

It’s not enough that the bill looks good, and sounds good, and is borne of an ideologically sound goal. It must have some chance at delivering what legislators promised it would.

Vetoing these bad bills proves that the governor is not the “coward” the anti-gun contingent would have you believe he is, but rather the opposite.

In the face of angry activists who are blindly supportive of any gun control legislation, and in the wake of the tragic mass shootings, he had the courage to veto what would otherwise have become bad law.

Joe Paquette


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