To the editor:

Gov. Chris Sununu has unveiled a net metering bill that will help cities and towns across the state. Unlike bills vetoed during the past two years that would have resulted in substantial cost shifting, the governor’s new plan is exactly how net metering should be done.

The focus of the governor’s plan is to “right size” net metering facilities. The fundamental principle of net metering has always been to use what you generate. This bill requires cities and towns to consume 100% of what they generate on their system.

This ensures that no one gets a free lunch. The bill doesn’t pick winners and losers, nor does it favor any specific technology.

For towns like mine, which has a total load greater than 1 megawatt, this bill will allow us to install a new system to offset this use. The governor has proposed a smart way to remove burdensome government regulation without dramatically harming other ratepayers.

By changing the nature of the conversation entirely, Sununu has shown that the democratic process works as it’s intended. After long negotiations over the past several years, New Hampshire now has the opportunity to pass a better bill, one that is true to its stated intent.

The only remaining question is whether Democrats are willing to join the governor, or if partisan politics will win out at the State House.

Rep. John Janigian

Salem, N.H.

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