To the editor:

On a recent Friday, I rode up to the Stevens Estate. As we stood at the top of the drive, gazing through the bright green lace of the early leaves at the horizon, I was stunned by both the beauty of the present and the resonance of the past in that venerable old place.

Yet, the very next day, driving to Boston on Route 114, I passed an unbroken succession of new condos and apartment complexes. Our old milestones, like the Riding Academy and Boston Hill, are now just memories.

We have such a wonderful town, with so many iconic places that still remain. We need to nourish them.

Have our family celebrations at the Stevens Estate. Buy corn at Barker's or Farnhams, family farms that have been growing corn since the Pilgrims.

Shop at the family-owned Butcher Boy.

Yes, our town is unique. We need to keep it that way!

Susan Walsh

North Andover