To the editor:

It's been a spirited election season, for sure. The lack of congressional term limits has directly hardened the partisan divide in America, making control of the Senate, the presidency and U.S. Supreme Court scorched earth exercises in hyperbole and mudslinging by the two major parties.

But let's all remember as Americans, whoever wins Tuesday will be America's president, not a party's.

I personally think it is healthy to have these spirited political debates of opposing ideals as Americans - the absence of them is far more unhealthy to a nation, in my opinion - but it is just as important to get past them and back to our lives once the votes are counted.

Living as Americans between elections - unified, prosperous and jointly invested in the success of our states that make up our republic - is the true American dream.

Let's mend fences with our friends and family on Nov. 4th and get back to living the American dream we elect leaders to protect.

There will be plenty more political fights to have in two years. Make sure to take a break from them.

Nick McNulty

Windham, N.H.

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