To the editor:

I’ve been watching the Democratic debates very closely, and And it appears that their platform is well developed:

Defund the military. Suppress free speech unless you agree with them. Take away our guns. Raise taxes. Weaken the economy (President Obama and the Democrats lost 2.9 million jobs in eight years). Kill babies (including infanticide in Virginia and New York). Move from capitalism to socialism (while ignoring the tragic results in Venezuela under socialism). Reparations for slavery. Remove the Electoral College. Defend illegal aliens (over 2,000 Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants; did you know any of those Americans?). Continue with open borders.

In 1965, Sen. Ted Kennedy introduced legislation to open our borders so the Democrats could give them free stuff and gain more Democratic votes. The state of Massachusetts for over four decades voted for him.

My dad was a die-hard Democrat his entire life. But this is now the progressive Democratic party offering free stuff, and the real Democrats have gone into hiding. My dad, if still alive, would definitely "walk away" from the Democrats this time, based on their present platform.

It might be a good time for this state to rethink its position and “walk away" from these frauds and panderers.

Dick Hodges


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