To the editor:

Changes have recently taken place in my life. They are not all positive.

The changes taking place in Methuen are hopefully all for the best.

The recent budget process was far different than normal. Having sat through many of them, it was good to see and  a good first step into the 21st century.

At least three people are running for mayor — a real contest this time, and for the first time ever, an incumbent who can run is stepping aside. Hopefully our next mauor will not be an invisible figure and will be seen at public meetings.

We may actually be a normal city, politically speaking.

Now to get public contracts up to date and done in a non-controversial manner is the job of out new chief administrative financial officer. Good luck to the her in keeping us both solvent and out of the headlines. May she prove to some that you get what you pay for.

Bob Dylan said the times they are a changing. May they be for the good and the positive.

Ralph Prolman