To the editor:

A lifelong citizen of Haverhill, I would like to share the reasons I support Shaun Toohey, candidate for City Council. I am not only a supporter, I am a friend. This gives me the advantage of knowing the kind of person he is and the kind of values he holds.

Toohey’s life is centered around ensuring the safety of his family and providing them opportunities that will enable their success.

Alongside his wife and two children, his priority is the future of Haverhill. He sees the incredible opportunity for safety, growth and strength that Haverhill has at its doorstep.

However, it is not lost on him that Haverhill needs improvement to protect its future.

He is passionate about three things — more police, more school funding, and more taxpayer advocacy. He deeply understands these needs and will fight adamantly for them.

More importantly, Toohey is a good man, respectful and humble. He is well-spoken and rational – incredibly important traits in driving change.

He has steered clear of political egos, compromising what is necessary to make a positive impact. He has no hidden agenda; he focuses on what is important, not on what will make him popular.

This is what will make a difference in Haverhill.

We need Toohey on the City Council. He will listen with an open mind, articulate our concerns, and deliver.

I have the utmost confidence in Shaun Toohey’s candidacy – and character. I hope Haverhill residents will join me in my vote on Nov. 5.

Jaimie Giarrusso


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